Google Glass – What Your Kids Need to Know

If you study the Google’s Glass FAQ page, you will see the  rose gold glasses frames warning about using Google Glass with the aid of children. It says “Don’t allow kids below 13 use Glass as it can harm developing imaginative and prescient. Also, kids may break Glass or harm themselves, and Google’s phrases of service don’t allow the ones beneath 13 to sign in a Google account”. Prolongead close to viewing can harm kids with accommodative or focusing issues. Children have to also be aware about how to conduct themselves inside the presence of Glass customers.

Google Glass – The Technology

Glass has a thumbnail-length transparent show above the proper eye. This generation has all that it desires to draw humans like bees to honey. Google lists its talents: say take a picture to take a picture, document what you spot now not using your hands, get translated printed phrases to any language in actual time, communicate to ship a message, proportion something you notice, and get data on whatever you need. However, this arms-loose machine is proving to be a risk, in particular for youngsters, exactly because of these amazing skills.

It’s obvious that using Glass isn’t the same as using your phone:

People commonly make aware selections approximately using their mobile smartphone, but Glass tracks the consumer’s eye movements and performs statistics requests primarily based on that. No clicking or swiping is needed.
It takes time to swipe a telephone’s display, sign right into a social media account and proportion files. With Google Glass, you could upload pix and videos and manipulate your debts thru a few verbal commands. This allows human beings to share what they see fast.
Glass can make contributions to and make use of private statistics with out aware permission because it tracks your eye actions and your information requests depending on in which you’re looking. This will provide Google facts approximately your choices and dreams.

The Dark Side of Glass

Google Glass offers predators the opportunity to snap pix of kids in public locations cleverly without each person understanding. The tool offers an outright private computing experience in order that no person can apprehend whether the user is taking images or checking different records. Children have to realize that peers who want to bother them could make films and photos secretly and share them in social networking websites (which may be additionally be performed with Glass). Glass gives users with horrific intentions a real edge.

Protecting Your Privacy

With technologies like Google Glass making fast strides, you need to know the way to guard your protection and privacy and that of your children. Here are some hints to assist:

Understand Glass etiquette – You must educate your children on the way to behave at the same time as they’re around a Glass consumer – various websites offer tremendous amateur-to-superior degree virtual media getting to know for parents. These web sites also offer the possibility to test your know-how with a quiz. Share this statistics along with your youngsters and take a look at if are sticking to these tips.

Set up limits – If you are not comfy along with your youngsters the usage of or being around Glass, installation limits and talk it over with them. Explain the capability outcomes of misuse and how it’ll have an effect on them.

Create network focus – Embolden your community to restriction the usage of this tool in touchy zones consisting of bathrooms, locker rooms, swimming swimming pools, schools, gyms and beaches. Encourage owners and owners to devise the guidelines for the belongings primarily based on that. Set up reminders to tell the public that this wearable device is against the law in some places. In a latest incident, a Seattle eating place threw out a purchaser for sporting Google Glass because it turned into towards their coverage.
A new survey located that round 86 percentage of Internet customers mask their virtual footprints. This manner that a massive percentage of Internet users are not without problems traceable. So, it is very essential to make your children recognize about the detrimental effects of Glass and remind them there’s no digital rewind button.

By Owen